Earthcrete™ 2.0

Earthcrete™ 2.0 is a sustainable and a renewable resource concrete formula, utilizing waste materials, that is superior to concrete in the following ways: controls temperatures and insulates, soundproof, water resistant, easily drive nails and screws, blast and compression proof, and 50% lighter with no loss in tensile strength. Of course, it also reduces the carbon emissions footprint.

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Earth Conscious®                 

Earth Conscious® means the cleaning of all things natural and man-made on earth, including the purification of air, oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, and waterways.  There is a great need for Earth Conscious® materials.  As an Earth Conscious® company Salvum Group seeks to set the highest standard for protective, durable, recycled, Earth Conscious® and sustainable building materials.

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Salvum Corporation’s projects are conducted through its sister company Astera Corporation.

Through the real estate projects overseen by Astera Corporation, Salvum’s building technologies are being implemented throughout California. Together with strategic partners, Salvum’s projects extend to all areas of the United States and select locations across the globe.


Join Salvum Group’s Network Partner Program (SNPP) to become a Certified Installer or Subcontractor to help your customers benefit from the Earth Conscious® building materials.

SNPP provided contractors who partner with Salvum with training, discounted pricing, engineering support, automated sales tools, installation & operation support. Contact us to become a Certified Installer or Subcontractor of our products.

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