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More than three years have been spent developing our revolutionary and “Earth Conscious” technology to bring to market specified construction materials and household consumer products that will replace environmentally toxic products that are known to harm our earth, oceans and waterways. Our solution: Biopolymer foam replacements for traditional toxic or deficient construction materials, including rigid insulation, cultured stone, pre-casts, moldings, and other replacements that are plant-based, extremely durable, light-weight, easy to install, sound proof, water proof, mold/bacteria proof, and very long-lasting. The Building Industry – Our Mission SALVUM CORP IS “Earth Conscious”™ “Earth Conscious” is the trademark meaning the cleaning all things natural and man-made on earth, including the purification of oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, ponds and waterways. Salvum Corp’s core ability is to provide products that make these things possible. Our mission is to displace non-earth conscious building infrastructures and consumer home goods by supplying the World with carbon negative plant-based products.

Concrete & Cement Products For a Better Tomorrow

Our mission as an Earth Conscious® company is to set the highest standard for safe, protective, durable, cradle-to cradle, recycled, Earth Conscious® and sustainable building materials that uniquely address and overcome existing limitations of current materials using proprietary technologies controlled by Salvum Group.

  • Disruptive technology in a mature monopolized industry lacking product innovation
  • Industry primed for a product addressing CO2 reduction
  •  Proprietary concrete mix formulas
  •  Product expansion to include addition of various scrap (solid waste) materials further addressing CO2 reduction
  •  Low-cost manufacturing primarily due to the ability to use existing mixing equipment

The need for Earth Conscious® materials

  • The Buildings and The Building Materials Industry account for 48% of C02 green gases. 
  • Cement production alone accounts for 8% of the C02 released into the atmosphere. 
  • Earthcrete™ is the only one in a series incubated building product replacing offerings by MCT Vertical.

Outperforming the competition

  • Earthcrete™ Testing confirms it is lighter, Stronger and 10x Eco-Friendlier than RediMix and Sakrete. 
  • The sale of a bag of Earthcrete™ and other  Earth Conscious® building materials and processes are the final step in Farming a fractionalized Earth Conscious® certified carbon credit.

Endless Possibilities that will not harm our environment

Potential Products Currently Under Research:

Consumer and Commercial Applications

  • Foam Drywall
  • Rigid Foam Insulation
  • Sound Proofing
  • Playground Padding Material
  • Protective Product Packaging
  • Cultured Stone and Pre-Cast Concrete
  • Interior and Exterior Moldings/Copings
  • Laminate Flooring and Underlays
  • Public Barriers and Supports

Solar Products

We are here to bring next generation tech to renewable solar energy solutions, it is the future and the time is now!

We are partnered with Super Nova Energy to provide solar energy solutions.

custom solar panel installations tailored for your home or business. You can be assured that we will complete the installation process in a timely and professional manner, with your specific needs in mind. We maintain worker’s compensation and liability insurance, to give you the confidence in knowing that your assets are protected during the installation process. In addition to the highest quality installation, we also process all the required paperwork and documentation for your solar electric system.

Commercial Services

Helping Companies go green and offset their carbon footprint and learn more about Solar Clean Energy Programs.

  • Low or No Cost Installation
  • Net Metering + NREL Realtime Monitoring
  • Alternative Funding & Advanced Resources