Solar / EV Charging

Solar energy provides many environmental benefits.  We offer a variety of solar options for residential or commercial use, including EV charging stations.

Solar panels create energy without water, nor a negative impact on the ecosystem helping reduce water scarcity.  As a renewable energy source, solar creates clean energy that will not contribute to air pollution.  Solar also assists in mitigating climate change by reducing CO₂ emissions and curbing pollution.

Salvum Group offers custom solar panel installations tailored for your home or business.  As Prime Contractor, you can be assured that we will complete the installation process in a timely and professional manner with your specific needs in mind.  In addition to the highest quality installation, we also provide financing.  We process all the required paperwork and documentation for your solar electric system.

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Our Portable on Demand Energy unit is a fully integrated solar power station that can be brought to any suitable location for immediate power generation and connectivity.  This unit is a self-contained, mobile skid mounted system utilizing 12 Photo Voltaic solar panels, an inverter, battery storage units and a junction box for direct connectivity.  The installation requirements are minimal and do not require permitting or licensing.  Once set on location, the unit will be functioning immediately and ready for use upon the first charge cycle.  The unit is portable and can be moved or relocated to another location with ease.

Earth Conscious®                 

Earth Conscious® means the cleaning of all things natural and man-made on earth, including the purification of air, oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, and waterways.  There is a great need for Earth Conscious® materials.  As an Earth Conscious® company Salvum Group seeks to set the highest standard for protective, durable, recycled, Earth Conscious® and sustainable building materials.

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About Salvum Group

Salvum (Latin) meaning safe, well, unharmed, sound, saved, healthy.

Our vision is to provide market specified construction materials and household consumer products that will replace environmentally toxic products known to harm our air, earth, oceans, and waterways.

Our Vision

Salvum Group aims to be a global leader in reduced CO2 building materials.  The building and building materials industry account for 48% of CO2 green gases.  Cement production alone accounts for 8% of the CO2 released into the atmosphere.  Our mission is to preserve the air, land, water, and people of earth.


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Salvum Corporation’s projects are conducted through its sister company Astera Corporation.

Through the real estate projects overseen by Astera Corporation, Salvum’s building technologies are being implemented throughout California. Together with strategic partners, Salvum’s projects extend to all areas of the United States and select locations across the globe.


Join Salvum Group’s Network Partner Program (SNPP) to become a Certified Installer or Subcontractor to help your customers benefit from the Earth Conscious® building materials.

SNPP provided contractors who partner with Salvum with training, discounted pricing, engineering support, automated sales tools, installation & operation support. Contact us to become a Certified Installer or Subcontractor of our products.

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